Ninja Kaisen

2011-07-06 22:42:29 by Grognor

This is a sprite animation I began working on in 2006 and stopped working on in 2009. Notice how I didn't say the animation was finished. I stopped working on it because my hard drive crashed. I didn't actually find it floating amongst the internets until June 2011. But here's what I did. 29c21d43f5ce43319a4456c07d1103
Use the middle button. The other two buttons were for testing purposes.

It was gonna be such a big project. It was overly ambitious of me, really. It was going to be 25 damn minutes long, with EVERY VIDEO GAME NINJA I COULD FIND. Oh yes, you name a ninja in a game made before 2000 and he or she was gonna be in it. And some video game ninjas from after 2000 as well. I had over 15 songs and I planned to use all of them. It was gonna be so good, I swear... but oh well. I've got another project in the works.

Most of the fight at the rock between Galuf and Sasuke [not the naruto one. the Sasuke from Ganbare Goemon] was done by bluemekocat, better known as Kotsu in some circles, who, sadly, will probably never make any animations on his own. The parts of that fight that I did are the last four seconds, the sound effects, the choice of music, Galuf's suplex, and changing a sequence where Galuf punched twice into one where he punches many times.

Friggin guy made me find electricity sound effects just for that fight.